Company Profile

Brandt und PartnerBrandt & Partner’s (B&P) objective is to partner with its clients in developing IT systems solutions for the improvement of business processes in companies and administrative functions.  This entails working closely with the end-users at our clients throughout the stages of business process analysis, concept development, software development, and the implementation of successful solutions.  From the very beginning, it was our goal to address a broad range of business and IT-related topics.

We do not focus exclusively on one hardware platform, programming language or product.  Instead, we want to be open for tackling interesting challenges in any IT area.


Naturally, we have gained specialised know-how through our specific projects. This holds particularly true for SAP products with which we have been working for the past 25 years.  Yet, even in this familiar subject matter, we continuously aim to identify problem areas and develop innovative solutions.  We derive our job satisfaction and motivation from being able to unleash our creativity.

The core competence of the B&P Group is one-stop shopping for the development of IT solutions throughout all project stages.


All consultation, analyses and concepts ultimately result in an IT product. Hence, our employees must have expert competences in all these project stages. In fact, this broad skill set represents an essential element of our corporate culture: all of our consultants are able to programme in all common programming languages and to work with tools our clients use.


Brandt und PartnerA critical success factor for B&P is that software development is based on a fundamental understanding of economic and business drivers of the given problem. Moreover, B&P employees possess exceptional programming skills due to their mathematical aptitude and their extensive experience in this field.


Brandt & Partner GmbH performs consulting and implementation projects. The company was founded in 1982. Having worked with Mr. Winfried Brandt since 1976, Mr. Karl-Heinz Unkelbach joined as partner in 1983.  In 1984, they formed the Brandt & Unkelbach GbR, in which they personally provide consulting services. The Brandt Software-Produkte (Products) GmbH specialises in offering standardised IT products.


Over the past 30 years, the B&P Group has experienced continuous growth. In 2013, the company‘s 110 consultants and software developers generated revenues of €16 million (compared to €15 million and 100 consultants and software developers in the previous year).

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